Instructions for those who wish to join us..

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Instructions for those who wish to join us.. Empty Instructions for those who wish to join us..

Post by The GodFather on Sun Oct 26 2008, 22:55

Hello prospective new member..

This is for you...

Above you you will see a tab with the word Register on it.. Please click on it and fill out the necessary information for us..

Once you have applied here we will need to activate you.. Do not panic if you do not hear back from us immediately, this could take several hours to a full 24 hours to do as the Administrators do not physically live here in the forums and we are not here 24 hours a day ..

Rest assured we WILL get back with you...

Once you have been activated you have 24hours to respond by coming into the forums and saying Hello in a Welcome area you will see here when you have FULL access to the forums.. Usually we will have began your topic by saying Hello to you even before you have entered here for the first time. It is imperative you do this within 24 hours of being accepted or you could be removed as this would indicate you may not be active daily, a requirement for membership into Lightning Clan..

Any questions you have before you register may also be asked her by clicking on "reply" and typing in what you wish to know.. We are always happy to answer questions here.. We cannot grow in we do not know...

(Sheesh .. the poet in me again .. forgive me .. Heh heh heh)

That being said, I would like to thank you for coming to us and applying for membership to Lightning Clan's Forums..


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