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Post by Usti Wolfsong on Sat Apr 11 2009, 07:38

Hello ...........

I'm Usti WolfSong

Ambassador and Beta female for [-LC-]

[-LC-] Lighting Clan is among the top Ranked Packs

in MG World 7

We are a tightly united Pack

with Members that hale from all over

[-LC-] is run by several long standing and

experienced players :


Claw is our Alpha

Maga Waya is our male Beta

Gith is our War General

and I serve as the Pack's Ambassador

The Wolf Council votes on all Pack related decisions

Should you wish to join [-LC-]

We ask that you be an active player

You have more Wins than Defeats

More gold gained than lost

And that you don't leak gold to the enemy

Also, because we often find ourselves at War

you must be willing to actively engage the enemy

To join [-LC-] apply through MG

Once accepted into the Pack there,

Apply here to register on the Forum

Once you become a Member of [-LC-]

you will be given full access to the Forum

Note :

The Forum is open to Members of [-LC-] only

If by some chance you're the enemy and

thought this would be a good way to check us out,

Guess you need to rethink that thought LOL

End Note :

Currently accepting Level 50 and above

About Joining : Usti-ambassador1


Beta and Ambassador : Usti WolfSong



Usti WolfSong : Peace Chief


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